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Chocholate Chili Black Tea

Contains Caffeine


Chocolate flavour goes quite satisfactorily with spices and this blend is no exception. Try a cup to exercise your chocolate palate. Ingredients: Ceylon tea, cacao shells, chocolate chips (contains milk products), pink pepper, chocolate chili flavour. Contains milk products in chocolate chips.

Weight: 50G/1.764 Oz.

  • 50G/1.764 Oz.
  • 100G/3.53 Oz.
  • 250G/8.82 Oz.
  • 500G/1.1 Lbs
  • 1KG/2.2 Lbs
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Steeping Guide

DT teaspoon (2.5 grams) or tea bag per 8oz. cup

Fresh Water Boiling Hot

Steeping Time 3 - 5 Minutes


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