Breakfast Tea

Irish Breakfast tea is a popular tea found in many tea cupboards. Most “breakfast teas” are made by blending different types of black teas together. Tea leaves from different areas such as India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Sumatra, China, and Java are blended to create the perfect blend. These teas tend to have more of a robust flavour to accompany a hearty breakfast than the afternoon teas which are usually more lighter in taste These breakfast teas go well with milk and sugar. Assam black tea is from India and has a bolder taste than the others Ceylon from Sri Lanka is a milder tasting black tea Kenya teas from Africa tend to have a bolder taste and are used mainly for blending purposes. Sumatra tea from Indonesia a strong tea is also used in blends. We have a number of breakfast teas to satisfy all tastes: Irish Breakfast: a blend of top quality teas Assam, China & Java - nice strong flavour English Breakfast: Ceylon CT broken leaf - mellow fresh flavour Scottish Breakfast: our own blend of full leaf black teas Canadian Breakfast: our own blend of full leaf black teas The best way to figure out which blend appeals to you is to buy a 10g bag of each one and give them a try. Brew up a cup of each and do your own tea taste test to compare them side by side. If you add milk and sugar be sure to add the same amount to each one for a fair comparison.