Very delicate flavours in most cases especially with the early pickings that are very mellow and slightly astringent. As the season progresses the leaf grows much faster, takes on a brown colour and yields a cup that looks like a weak black tea and gives one excellent cup & a reasonable second. The early spring pickings, in contrast, will yield 5 or more quality cups. Potential health benefits of White tea A study at Pace University in 2004 showed white tea had more anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities than green tea. White tea contains higher catechin levels than green tea due to its lack of processing. Catechin concentration is greatest in fresh, unbroken and unfermented tea leaves. White tea is made out of young leaves and buds, which is said to contain more of the amino acid theanine (relaxing and mood enhancing properties) than green and black teas which are made from older leaves. Caffeine content of green and white teas are similar, though both depend on factors such as the variety of tea, the cut, and length of the leaf, and the method of steeping. White tea contains less fluoride than green tea since it is made from young leaves only. Learn more about White Tea