Decaffed teas contain approximately 6% of the caffeine level of regular tea. While this is the only alternative for those wishing a ’real cup of tea’ it cannot compare to regular tea.

Without Caffeine

There are many choices in both single herbs and herbal blends that have absolutely no caffeine. The most popular single herbs are Rooibos, Chamomile, Peppermint & Spearmint. In addition to these, there are numerous herbal blends without any caffeine blended for both taste and purpose.

Determining your individual tea selections

Once you decide the caffeine part of the equation you are off to the section of your choice. If your choice is herbal, then check out the individual herbs and blends and make your selection depending on your reason for buying, taste, health, or maybe because you want to add some herbs to your diet. If your choice is ‘real tea’ decaffed that narrows your choices considerably. Decaffed teas are more expensive and choices are much more limited. Most mainstream tea shops do not carry de-caffs. When you buy at a store other than Distinctly Tea make certain you ask how the tea was decaffed. You DO NOT want any decaffs that have been processed using chemicals. You want the water or CO2 decaf process only. The above choices are the easiest to make. 

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Decaf Chai Black
Our proprietary blend of WATER Decaffed Full-bodied Ceylon black tea, ginger, cinnamon, clove, coriander, cardamom, fennel,...
Decaf Sencha Organic Green
WATER Decaffeinated. Organic Japan Green Tea decaffeinated. A green tea with a large leaf, bright liquor,...
Decaf Sencha Lemon Green
NATURAL FLAVOURED WATER DECAFFED Sencha green tea, lemon peel, sunflower, NATURAL flavour, cornflower.