When asked about whether you prefer your tea loose or bagged, your response can quickly show the type of personality you have. It has been said that tea bags are for those who are more outgoing and on-the-go because of their convenience and neatly packed construction that makes them easy to use and dispose of. Loose tea is generally the preferred choice for homebodies who prefer a greater variety than is available, especially in sophisticated blends. While these differences may be most amusing for tea lovers, the most important thing is that you add a healthy variety of teas to your diet regularly. DISTINCTLY TEA believes that both loose and teabags have their rightful place in our lives, especially if PYRAMIDS are full-leaf teas packaged in see-thru PYRAMID bags like illustrated above. This is why we also sell a variety of our teas in PYRAMID bags.

A loyal following

While tea bags are more typical and certainly the most popular form of tea these days, there is still a loyal following of tea lovers who prefer and demand to have loose tea served at all times. Tea bags hold a pre-measured amount of crushed tea blends that are kept in closed pouches made of a fine mesh material. Loose leaf tea is generally found in its original form, with larger dried pieces being chosen for steeping.


Invigorate the senses

The problem that many people have with mainstream paper tea bags is the amount of tea dust and fannings that are included in each tea bag. These fannings are generally known to be the lowest grade of tea since they are what remain after higher grade teas have been selected. Another concern that many tea connoisseurs have with tea steeped in tea bags is the fact that the essential flavours from beautiful aromatic teas are not there when tea leaves are reduced to smaller pieces. The rich flavours and aromas simply don't invigorate senses anywhere as much as loose tea does.


Unmatched quality

Bulk loose tea is generally purchased from specialty tea shops, where they sell whole tea leaves that expand significantly in water. Once these leaves are steeped in hot water, they unfurl and diffuse the essential nutrients and infuse exceptional flavours and aromas that are simply unmatched in quality and enjoyment. We are proud to offer a selection of some of our best selling loose teas in bio-degradable pyramid teabags so that now you can enjoy the convenience of a bag if you so desire, ...without sacrificing the quality of the tea.


When steeping loose tea, the area in which the leaves will unfold is also very important to achieve the optimum flavours. When water can freely and abundantly run through the leaves, it can extract all of the nutrients and present the finest flavours and aroma it has.


True flavours and freshness

The freshness of loose tea is said to be unparalleled to any other tea drink. A beverage produced from loose tea is usually distinctively fresher to one that's produced by mainstream paper tea bag suppliers. If you desire to use teabags then purchase high-quality tea in PYRAMID bags, that when steeped will yield a very alluring and satisfying cup of tea. The high-end tea bags that can come close to loose leaf are generally packaged in PYRAMID bags.

Whether you choose loose leaf or tea bags, it's always important to choose high-end tea for the finest experience that will stimulate almost all of your senses. From the beautiful colour tones, the warming liquid, rich aromas and stunning flavours, it's no wonder why many choose tea as their number one comfort drink of all time.

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