Detox Teas

The bottom line when considering a “detox” is to remember that the body is specifically designed to do this on its own. A healthy diet and regular exercise should be a part of your lifestyle as these are the most important factors in maintaining health, regardless of whether you are “detoxing” or not. Some products, including herbs, can be helpful in supporting this process but it is very difficult to undo years of damage in a matter of a few weeks. That being said, the need to “detox” very much depends on your lifestyle: the healthier you are, the better your body is equipped to eliminate what you take in. However, if there is a history of regular exposure to cigarette smoke, chemicals, alcohol, or medications, etc. it may be possible that the body is less able to process everything adequately. Remember to consult your doctor, naturopathic doctor, herbalist, or midwife if you are pregnant, before undertaking any new health protocol if you suffer from any chronic illness, have severe allergies, or on any medication.  - Keila Roesner BHSc, ND (Candidate)