Black tea is a variety of tea that is more oxidized than the Oolong, green, and white teas. Black tea is the stronger in flavour and usually contains the most caffeine. Both varieties of the Camellia species are used to make Black tea: Camellia sinensis Sinensis (also used for green and white teas) and the Assamese plant, Camellia sinensis assamica, which has only been used for black tea in the past, but in recent years has been used for Green. In Chinese languages, Black tea is known literally as "crimson tea", a closer description to the colour of the tea produced. The name Black tea could otherwise refer to the colour of the leaves after processing. 

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English breakfast Leaf
This strong and aromatic organic tea grows in the highlands of Rwanda. A copper-brown colour in...
English Breakfast Organic
An ORGANIC Ceylon tea. with all the qualities of a high-grown Uva; bright bronze infusion, green...
$8.98 $7.00
Fruity Russian Caravan
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Golden Garden Estate Ceylon
Medium sized mixed deep black wiry leaves with ample golden tips. These strongly aromatic leaves produce...
Golden Monkey Keemun
A Keemun with an extraordinarily pleasant, chocolate-like fragrance with similarities to the very expensive top grades...
Golden Nepal FTGFOP1
A second flush leaf from one of the highest tea cultivation areas on earth. This tea...
Golden Yunnan Superior
This impresive superior Yunnan is a high concentration of beautiful tippy golden coloured leaves. The flavour...
Hatimara Assam CTC BOP
An Assam Broken leaf tea processed according to the CTC method (crushing-tearing-curling). Round leaf, dark coloured,...
Irish Breakfast Blend
A popular belend of broken leaf Assam, Java & Ceylon BOP black teas. The aroma reflects...